winnipeg, mb

winnipeg hair stylist
chez gérard at kenneth michael studio, 2090 corydon ave, #10, winnipeg
distributor of Davines products


gerardGérard remembers that at the age of four, he would stand on a chair behind his mother and brush her hair. Thus started a lifelong love for hair styling and the whole industry. Becoming a licensed hairstylist at 19, Gérard worked in Winnipeg for under 10 years, constantly working toward perfection in haircuts and styles. Over the next 20 years or so, he lived both in Canada and Europe and returned to Winnipeg in 2012 and after two and a half years of settling home, the lifelong dream of having his own salon came to fruition, and now, Gérard is freelance styling for you.

Literally 'Chez Gérard' translates 'at gérard's' but in French, the word 'chez' also suggests coming to one's home or abode. So when you come to visit Gérard, you are coming to an individual who is dedicated to making your visits relaxing while attending to giving you the latest in hair fashions. Gérard is also dedicated to working with the best products available so your hair will feel and look great.

Gérard is a stylist specializing in hair fashions. He offers precision haircuts for men and women and the latest in hair colour fashions…. balayage, highlights, and specialty colours. Gérard uses Davines hair care products developed in Parma, Italy that use only the best natural ingredients so that you can have healthy hair with finishing products that allow for everyday styles as well as fashion statements.